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Video Streaming Market Research Report Analysis by Component (Software and Content Delivery Services), By Channel (Satellite TV, Cable TV, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), and OTT Streaming), By Vertical (Education/E-learning, Healthcare, Government, Sports/eSports, Gaming, Enterprise and Corporate, Auction and Bidding, Fitness & Lifestyle, Music & Entertainment, and Others (Transportation), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa) - Forecast till 2030

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Video Streaming Market Overview

“The Video Streaming Market Predictable at $82.56 billion in 2022, is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 20.16% from $92.69 billion in 2023 to $258.69 billion by 2030.”

The global video streaming market is expected to experience significant expansion in the coming years due to factors such as increased OTT platform use, IPTV, and customer preference for video on-demand services. The widespread use of digital media has increased ARPU and increased preference for streaming services, leading to a growth in top video streaming services and software suppliers.

Instead of keeping compressed video files on a device's hard disk, video streaming involves transferring them over the internet for immediate viewing. It entails watching live videos or listening to music. The sector is benefiting from the increased usage of mobile devices and the internet, as well as the rising demand for video streaming services at educational institutions across the globe.

Video Streaming Market | Market Report Service

The potential for video streaming services increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. People were constrained to stay indoors due to the implementation of obligatory lockdowns. Due to the rise in time spent online, streaming services had to release new content or air old content again.

The production of original content for premium customers is a priority for video streaming providers. This directly pits them against websites that offer online video content, like Netflix. The competition offers consumers a wide range of options, which increases demand for video streaming services generally.

Definition of Video Streaming

Video streaming is the process of sending video data over the internet in real-time or almost real-time, allowing viewers to watch videos on their devices without downloading the entire file. It involves continuously transferring audio and video from a physical or virtual server to a user's device, providing a nonstop viewing experience.

How Does Video Streaming Work?

A cloud server stores recorded video content and sends it to a user's device when they click on a video in an online player. The video file is divided into audio and video data packets. Data is transmitted using a transmission protocol like UDP or TCP. Fast internet connection is required for easy data delivery and video playback without buffering. Medium-speed internet is suitable for viewing videos at reduced quality.

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Video Streaming Market Segment Analysis

Segment by Component type

The industry with the highest projected CAGR is software. Since More Advanced Streaming Software is Being Developed to Accelerate Market Growth

The range of services covered includes component-based software and content delivery. Video management, video delivery & distribution, transcoding, and processing are all covered within the software component. A significant growth rate is also being experienced in the software industry as a result of the major players' increased investment in the creation of cutting-edge streaming platforms.

Segment by Enterprise Size

The video streaming industry comprises various segments, including commercial video platforms, academic and educational, advertising, government, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, media, IT, and telecommunication. The commercial video platforms segment is the leading player in this market. These platforms enable companies to market their products, interact with customers, and boost brand recognition. They provide tools like content management, monetization options, analytics, and seamless integration with other marketing tools, enhancing their video strategy and driving growth.

Market Dynamics

Growth Drivers

Popularity of Livestreaming: Live streaming is one of the best features that has been assisting in increasing the market value of the video streaming sector. Using this function, the company can expand by directly reaching its target market. so that they won't have any trouble understanding inquiries about matters relating to company. It has recently provided an increased source of income. given that it is perched atop the summit. Consequently, live video streaming has become more popular recently in the global market for video streaming.

Technology Advancement: Recent technological developments like artificial intelligence and blockchain technology have made it possible for the growth of the video streaming market.

Key Challenges

A bandwidth challenges

High resolution and bandwidth videos present additional difficulties. As a result, net neutrality has been badly affected by bandwidth restrictions, which has an effect on the standard of video content that customers watch. 

Sluggish Performance

If a device is outdated, is slowed down by programs that aren't suited for it, or has too many processes running at once, video streams may start to slow down or stop altogether. Customers therefore experience issues like video delays while playing.

Third, copyrights

Copyrighted content constraints, such as music, should be taken into account while using white label video streaming content, especially live feeds. When doing professional online broadcasting, encryption and password security are crucial. 

Competitive Landscape of the Video Streaming Market

Expanding Profit Pools from Live Streaming for Video Streaming Companies?

Live streaming is expected to become the dominant streaming segment due to its large fan bases and strong cloud infrastructure. International sports federations' digitization activities and the ease of live telecasting on YouTube have made viewing for people in different locations easier. As a result, live streaming is expected to generate 62% of the overall video streaming market revenues during the assessment period.

Recent Developments in Video Streaming Market

April 17, 2023 Akamai Announces New Cloud Computing Capabilities for Streaming Video at 2023 NAB Show

Akamai Technologies, the cloud company that powers and protects life online, today introduced new cloud computing capabilities for streaming video at the 2023 NAB Show. The capabilities are designed to help OTT operators deliver higher quality and more personalized video experiences to viewers. They can also help operators realize lower, more predictable operational costs and improve efforts to monetize content. Additionally, Akamai announced enhancements to its support of the Common Media Client Data (CMCD) specification and highlighted the latest members of its Qualified Computing Partner program.

Mar 23, 2023 Corporate video at Microsoft gets a big upgrade thanks to the modern Microsoft Stream experience

There’s a new way to include video in your projects thanks to the modern Microsoft Stream experience. Now native to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft’s internal video platform, empowers users to easily create, edit, upload, and publish videos to be shared inside an enterprise.

“The last few years have really shown the importance of video for hybrid work,” says Farnaz Hafezi, a program manager with Microsoft Digital Employee Experience, the organization that powers, protects, and transforms the company. “It helps us collaborate, communicate, and educate. We’ve seen a significant increase in video within our tenant.”

Why is North America the market leader for Video Streaming?

In North America, the United States has the biggest market value share. The presence of significant video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is one of the main reasons for this region's share-wide domination.

Furthermore, the advancement and creation of sophisticated streaming technology permits the data-efficient streaming of material. In the United States, users watch more than 38 hours of content every month on video streaming platforms. This suggests that consumer trends in North American nations are on the upswing.

Moreover, the need for video streaming is increasing due to robust cloud networks and internet access, such 5G networks. Thus, it is anticipated that North America would hold a 20% market share of the global video streaming market.

Why is the Video Streaming market developing more quickly in the Middle East & Africa region?

Demand for video streaming in the MEA is increasing due of smartphone company penetration.

Internet usage has skyrocketed in both Iran and Saudi Arabia. The region's demand for streaming video is being driven by the penetration of mobile and tablet companies.

Additionally, the popularity of instructional, sporting, and entertainment content has increased along with technical innovation, which has boosted video streaming revenues.

Segments Covered in the Video Streaming Market Report

Component Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion)


  • Transcoding and Processing
  • Video Delivery and Distribution
  • Video management
  • Others

Content Delivery Services

  • Live Broadcasting
  • VoD & Complementary Content
  • Low Latency Video Streaming Services

By Channel

  • Satellite TV
  • Cable TV
  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)
  • OTT Streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected growth rate of the Video Streaming market over the next 7 years?

“The Video Streaming Market Predictable at $82.56 billion in 2022, is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 20.16% from $92.69 billion in 2023 to $258.69 billion by 2030.”

Who are the major players in the Video Streaming market and what is their market share?

Netflix, Inc., Akamai Technologies, Amazon Web Services, Inc, Google LLC, Microsoft Corporation, Tencent, iQIYI, Inc., Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Hotstar), Iflix, HOOQ, Rakuten Viki

Which segment accounted for the largest Video Streaming market share?

Over-the-Top Segment accounted for 41.56% of the revenue in the Video Streaming market in 2022, dominating it.

Which region accounted for the largest share in the market?

North America is the most prominent country in this market.

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