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Global Aircraft & Marine Turbochargers Market to reach USD 376.6 million by 2028

The Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.81% and to reach USD 376.6 million by 2028. Growth in the global economy and rising aviation demand are fuelling the growth of the aviation industry.

Global Market is expected to grow at a distinguished rate due to the increasing demands for engines, increases in vehicle sales and the growing automotive production. The rising need for fuel-efficient engines on automobiles is expected to propel the growth of the Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers market. Increased production of passenger vehicles, especially electric vehicles, has also spurred demand for low speed turbocharged engines. Aircraft and marine turbochargers have been used in various fields such as transportation, aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Other industries that can benefit from the usage of aircraft and marine turbochargers include oil drilling, pharma and defense sectors.

The Global Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers industry has been witnessing high growth over past few years, as the demand for performance & fuel efficiency has increased.

As the airplane industry continues to grow, so does the need for aircraft and marine turbochargers. We have a large range of products available to serve your needs.

Aircraft and Marine Turbochargers is the leading supplier of medium sized, high performance turbochargers for aircraft, marine and specialty applications. We provide a complete range of turbochargers for all phases of an average piston engine modernization program.

Turbochargers are a lot like multi-stage rocket engines. They require both high pressure to push exhaust gasses into the turbine, and high temperature to convert the kinetic energy of exhaust gasses into electricity. To do this, turbochargers employ a complex network of components that convert the kinetic energy of expanding gases into electrical power.

We offer a full line of aircraft and marine turbochargers for most applications.

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