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Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Market Forecasts 2030: Market Share, Size, Trend and more

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Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Market is comprised of various kinds of chemicals that can be used to prevent scaling and corrosion inside boiler systems. They are also employed in power and industrial plants to stop spreading of disease-causing bacteria.

The global market for chemicals used to treat water in boilers is dominating by North America, followed by Europe. Asia Pacific holds significant growth potential because of the rapid manufacturing in China.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Market Predictable at $4.57 billion in 2022, is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 10.2% from $4.94 billion in 2023 to $6.2 billion by 2030.

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Growth Driver

Power plants require a huge amount of water, mostly to ensure the proper operation of turbines and the production of heat. This is why they are among the biggest users of chemical for boiler water treatment. The growing number of people and the rapid growth of urbanization across the globe are causing the rising demands for electric power. To meet this demand, many modern power stations are currently being constructed. This is in turn increasing the need for chemicals to treat boiler water.

The market for chemicals used in the treatment of boilers is segmented based on the type, the application and the end-user industry. The market for type is further subdivided into corrosion and scale inhibitors, coagulants, flocculants as well as ph booster agents, and oxygen scavengers.

The market for application is further subdivided into basic chemicals and blended/specialty chemical. The industry of the end-user is classified into metal and steel industry refineries chemical and petrochemical, textile and dye industry sugar mills, food and beverages and pulp and paper.

The geographical region of Asia-Pacific should have the highest share of the global boiler market for water treatment chemicals over the forecast time. This could be due to the fast-growing manufacturing industry within the Asia-Pacific region. The rapid expansion of the manufacturing industry is attributed to a variety of aspects, including policies by the government like the 'Made in China 2025' initiative and the favorable accords on trade.

It is also expected that the United States is also expected to play a role in the expansion of the global market for boiler water treatment chemicals due to the strict rules for the treatment of wastewater in the environment. Furthermore, the shale boom is driving the petrochemical sector in the United States and a number of integrated oil companies are making billion-dollar investment in new petrochemicals facilities.

This is leading to the requirement for process chemicals to treat wastewater, which in turn is driving the demand for chemicals to treat boilers across the US.

Competitive Landscape of the Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Market

  • BASF
  • Arkema
  • Chemtreat
  • Thermax
  • Veolia Water Technologies
  • Ecolab
  • Kemira
  • Solenis
  • Suez
  • Kurita Water Industries

Recent Developments

As the power generation sector is growing as it expands, the demand for water treatment chemicals in boilers is predicted to rise substantially. Corrosion is a significant issue within steam circuits in thermal, nuclear and hydropower facilities, and it can result in catastrophic delay in operation if not dealt with. This has resulted in an increase in demands for corrosion inhibitors scale inhibitors, as well as oxygen scavengers.

The Asia Pacific region is one of the largest factors in the world's demand for water treatment chemicals used in boilers and is predicted to remain dominant over the next few years. It is the home of a vast number of emerging economies that have significant industrial development. This is fuelling the need for power, manufacturing and industrial industries, which will in turn increase the demand for chemicals to treat boiler water and systems.

Based on the end-user which is the boiler water treatment chemicals market is classified into power oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical foods and beverages, as well as pulp and paper. The power sector is expected to hold a significant part of the market during the forecast time.

The rising population and the increasing urbanization are driving the demand for energy, leading to the development of new power stations. China for instance recently completed the construction of an 11-GW coal-fired power station and plans to construct more facilities that have 53 GW capacity over the coming years.

The growing power industry in China is also a major reason behind the rapid growth of the market for water treatment chemicals for boilers in China. The country is going through rapid industrialization, led by its most prominent initiative, made in China 2025 which is designed to improve the performance of Chinese companies and reduce dependence upon foreign technologies.

Other industries of the nation including the food manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, as well as the manufacturing of industrial machinery are also contributing to the rising demand for chemicals to treat water in boilers across the nation.

Regional Outlook

The boiler's water needs to be cleaned because it is contaminated with impurities and can cause a variety of problems such as corrosion and scaling of the equipment. These could result in expensive repairs and maintenance expenses and loss of production as well as boiler shut-downs.

Chemicals for water treatment are used to avoid these problems by removing pollutants from the boiler's water and feedwater. This will help cut operating costs and ensure that everything runs efficiently.

The market for chemicals used in the treatment of boilers is predicted to increase dramatically in the coming years due to the increased demand from industries that require end-use products like oil and gas textiles, power generation, food processing and paper. The power sector is predicted to lead the industry in the forecast period because of the rising world population and increasing energy consumption.

Power plants require boilers in order to generate electricity. the efficiency of these boilers depends on the use of chemical water treatments.

Other drivers of the market are the reduction in heat exchanger and pre-treatment equipment costs, the growing popularity of blowdowns using zer-liquid, and the strict boiler regulations. This market will be expected to grow at a rapid pace because of their usage to protect boilers and control corrosion within the tank that feeds them. However, their hazardous nature could slow development in the sector.

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